Words: Annika Khan

Born and bred in the outskirts of London, Samuel Ross has created a signature for himself through his urban luxury clothing brand, A-COLD WALL*. During his 25 years Ross has assisted the great likes of Virgil Abloh as a creative before unleashing his own brand.

Observed from a very young age, Ross had naturally gravitated towards fashion since the age of 15, creating Nikes and Adidas dupes whilst selling them to his friends at his very home. 
Ross has gone from hand dying T-shirts at his mother’s house to flying to New York for his solo window displays at barleys. Ross has studied graphic design at the De Montfort University graduated with a 1st class honors.


It came to Ross’s attention that there were no black artists or designers on the same level as Alexander McQueen from the United Kingdom, therefore Ross had aspired to create a label that tackled the issues of class diversity and the working class system through his designs which can be seen through the materials used for his garments. Presenting a wholly novel aesthetic that incorporated industrial materials such as PVC, tech nylon and deconstructed canvas within designs. The fabrication used is to articulate architectural materials.


“As much as the brand has been based on my experience growing up and on my youth, it’s also about pushing beyond referencing stigmas, to become a beacon for art and creative exploration”


Ross had founded his first label, 2wnt4 with longtime collaborator, Ace Harper and had progressed onto A-COLD-WALL*. For two-and-a-half years Ross travelled around the world with Abloh, learning how to achieve aesthetic consistency while working across various creative endeavors including Off-White collections, store installations and print designs for Shane Oliver’s Hood By Air.


His creative vision has been catapulted in a mere two years into the likes of Barneys New York and fast forward to his debut at LFW Mens for his inaugural fashion show introducing the Fall/ Winter 17 collection. Ironically his escalation had happened during the period of Trump and Brexit, as A-COLD-WALL* ” is influenced by his experiences of pre-Brexit racism in London, such as “being 15 years old and getting my head getting kicked about by skinheads who were grown adults.” In addition his website boasts an intimidating list of influential clients and collaborators.


Ross identifies himself as Urban Luxury in which he has dissected the widely accepted notions of how luxury clothing should look and stitching it back together until it resembles something both futuristic and old school.

The future of A Cold Wall could see itself in furniture design or art installations. Ross is currently collaborating with Jobe Burns with furniture design. Samuel Ross has made a statement through not only his designs but also his progression, a present McQueen.

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Words: Annika Khan