When you look at Sevdaliza, you’re reminded instantly of an Amazonian goddess, or a warrior princess. Standing at an athletic build of 5”9, the multilingual former Dutch youth national basketball player, armoured with 2 degrees under her belt, stated in an interview that she was always into sports, but began her late ascent into music, releasing 2 EP’s in 2015, and later her debut album, ISON in 2017.

With razor sharp features, chiselled jaw, dark piercing eyes set upon a heavy browed, freckled face, the Persian’s beauty holds a spiritual affectation that encapsulates both the softness and strength of her femininity, oozing through her multi-disciplinary art forms.


Her powerful debut album ISON which shot to the top of the iTunes electronic music chart merely hours after release was an instant hit on the internet and was well received by fans and critics alike, with Pitchfork rating the album 7.7 stars and describing it as ‘a modern-day trip hop album built on minimal breakbeats and heavy layers of orchestration courtesy.’


Photo: Marc Deurloo

With her palette of breathy vocals, coupled with heavy eerie electronic beats, thanks to her long time collaborator, producer, and friend Mucky, she establishes herself and her sound as a strong feline powerhouse with a sense of global mission, responding to political unrest with hard hitting powerful messages to counter, especially as a first generation immigrant to the Netherlands.

“I feel that Iranian culture is one on one with creativity, for us its very natural. I come from a family of poets, I think that Iranian heritage is grounded in culture so its only logical that we’re popping up.”


Not only does dancer, basketball player, singer/songwriter, music producer have any bounds for the bionic artist, she added ‘film director’ to her arsenal of attainments back in 2016 where she co-directed and starred in a 15-minute short feature film, ‘The Formula’ via Noisey – the short explores a tale of love, depression and loss, each morphing into trauma and anguish of the harsh realities that life can throw your way.



Using her body mostly as a blueprint for the stark visuals in her socio-politically charged music videos, she often explores the theme of the unity of the human and the virtual – a theme that is ever more so imperative to the global construct of the present digital age.


Photo: Zahra Reijs


Sevdaliza is currently on her first world tour, Wanderess – check out the rest of the dates of her tour to see if she’ll be gracing your city – http://sevdaliza.com/